With both setters fit KVC A reverted back to our standard 4/2 system.

LMJU had youth and height on their side but KVC’s experience and determination, buoyed by last week’s victory, put us in the driving seat.

We won the toss and took service. Strong serving from Graham and Aden put LMJU under extreme pressure and we cruised to 13 -1 lead. They eventually got some attacks in, and picked up a few points but KVC walked away with the first set 25-8

We changed our line up in the second set but it was like a different LMJU had arrived – they were defending very well and putting in great hitting causing KVC to call time-out at 14-15. We came back on but couldn’t really get into them and called our second time-out at 16-21. From then it side out/side out and they took the set 20-25

Third set we started back in our standard line up. We took an early lead 6-1 they made substitutions but it made little difference. With great line hitting from Mirek, and good use of our back court hitting… We took the set 25-15

In the fourth, although they were hitting well KVC were defending even better.Recycling the ball, varying the setting and attack options. Keeping the pressure on them throughout the set. Solid defence, excellent hitting won the day 25-20.

KVC A 3-1 LMJU Falcons A