With the volleyball league games coming think and fast, Knutsford Volleyball Club were in action against Chester. This was the first league game of the season with this fixture proving to be a test for KVC A

We arrived knowing it would be an unlikely win but we were determined to “give it all we got” and KVC A certainly turned up and delivered.

Well in the 1st and 3rd sets at least. The 2nd set we got stuck on a server and couldn’t get back.
But focussing in the positives…

Set 1 25-21 we blocked we rallied we put in great attacks and cheered “Punkta” at the top of our voices. It was very close. Set 3 more of the same, we put the second set behind us and started with full confidence. It was even closer set and we took them to 24’s but they snuck it.

It was our best ever performance and highest scores against Chester and we went on to beat them in a friendly 4th set.

Excellent start for us, much better than expected, and great something to carry forward to Royals at home in a few weeks.