With the end of season in sight, and with Knutsford only starting with 5 players on court in the first set due to members getting caught up in delayed roadworks… Knutsford emerged victorious!

Having dug in deep, Knutsford managed to pull out a 26-24 lead in the first set. With the full six now on court for the second set, we agreed to play slightly different and set from 3 as we had to in the first set and as they had no middle attacker. That gave Knutsford the edge as that gave us our big blockers on both wings but Wallasey just scooped the second set 27-25.

The action was tense and close, just like the last time Knutsford met Wallasey! But Knutsford dived, dug, blocked, spiked and rallied to eventually take the third set 27-25 to take a 2-1 lead. In the deciding set, Knutsford eventually ran out as deserved winners by claiming the final set 25-19 to claim a 3-1 victory.

Not only did Knutsford Volleyball Club achieve the double over Wallasey this season, it also meant Knutsford returned back to 4th in the first division.